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In the life of an accredited laboratory the key-word is quality and reliability. As an official partner of Mitutoyo Kalilab Bt. offers you quality devices of length measurement. On the basis of our experience in the field of torque measurement we can easily recommend the torque devices of Norbar, Tohnichi and Torqueleder.


Mitutoyo length measuring instruments (authorized distributor)

Mitutoyo has been guided by the clear and uncompromising aim to provide the best quality products and value anywhere since the modest beginning in 1934 and to become the number one metrology instrument producer in the world.

Crane torque indicators and data collectors (authorized distributor)

Since its foundation in 1971 Crane Electronics has been supplying instruments in the field of torque measurement and control for the industry. The company which was set up in the UK now distributes instruments through its authorized distributors on all the continents.

Stahlwille torque wrenches and tools (authorized distributor)

Stahlwille supplies a wide range of tools and torque wrenches for the automobile industry, air transport, food industry and other industries. The instruments produced with German precision are characterized by quality, durability and an ease of use.

Norbar torque measuring instruments and torque wrenches

The torque testers, data collectors and torque wrenches by Norbar have deservedly become widespread globally. The company set up in 1942 was one of the first to develop torque wrenches and torque measuring instruments.

Hios torque testers, air and electric screwdrivers

Since its foundation in 1970 HIOS has specialized in producing screwdriver equipment. The air and electric screwdrivers produced by the company are also available in compact design.

Tohnichi torque wrenches, torque screwdrivers

Tohnichi is a global supplier of industrial quality torque tools and equipment. The Japanese company founded in 1949 produced torque instruments mainly for the Japanese automobile industry in the beginning.

Torqueleader torque tools

Torqueleader products include quality torque screwdrivers, torque wrenches, with angular deflection measurement if required.

Imada force measuring instruments

Imada offers precision force measurement solutions in all the sectors of the industry. From simple, mechanical gauges to force testers.


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